Wear Foggles initially began as a solution to one specific problem: PPE goggles fogging up due to masks. This was especially prevalent in health care worker's lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. After months of product design, we officially launched in April of 2021, with said health care workers in mind. The product immediately exploded on the health care scene. Soon after, our team came to a realization- Foggles can benefit everyone, not just health care workers!
We went back to the drawing board, to find the best design for nurses, construction workers, groomers, and everyday users alike. The product available to you now, is that design. We ensured that our goggles are protective against everyday conditions and hazards such as environmental contaminants, fog, UV rays, and blue light. 

Foggles are the protective eyewear for any occasion; Whether you are working a shift at the hospital, going to a job site, watching TV, or running to the grocery store. Our team members personally use our product everyday. We are firm believers in the benefits that they have provided to our optical health. 
We hope you give Foggles the chance to do the same for you.
The Foggles Team